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Zukerberg & Halperin Go To Bat For Victims Of Police Brutality

Attorney Paul Zukerberg has recently been featured in the news throughout the following of a highly-publicized legal case in Baltimore, MD. Major outlets such as The Baltimore Sun, NBC Baltimore, CBS Baltimore, and The Daily Record have all been reporting breaking developments.

The case relates to a number of corrupt Baltimore police officers who had been serving on the city’s Gun Trace Task Force unit. The officers faced trial and were convicted on racketeering charges. Their crimes? They’d been found guilty of performing illegal searches, planting guns, drugs, making false arrests and robbery, all against the people of Baltimore.

Taking Baltimore Client’s Case To Maryland’s Highest Court

Fortunately, those corrupt GTTF officers are now serving jail time… but has justice fully prevailed? Unfortunately, the victims who were brutalized by these rogue cops will have to wait and see. Two of the plaintiffs who’d filed a lawsuit are now turning to the Court Of Appeals to seek restitution and are still awaiting a ruling, a process that has been spearheaded by Mr. Zukerberg himself.

Paul is representing one of the two plaintiffs alongside fellow attorney Mandy Miliman. The clients they represent were involved in a case where the two wrongfully spent time in prison after being framed by three GTTF officers. It is clear that the plaintiffs were wronged by the crooked officers who beat them and planted a gun back in 2016, the event that ultimately wrongfully imprisoned the two innocent victims.

The then cops, now criminals are behind bars. But, the current battle is now in identifying the liable party; the three cops found guilty are undoubtedly “on-the-hook” for paying the victims. However, it is extremely unlikely that the now imprisoned officers would ever be able to provide just compensation to the victims. Conversely, if the city is held liable, they’d pay the restitution on behalf of the guilty party and the plaintiffs would be justly compensated.

Zukerberg is arguing that Baltimore City should be held liable and financially responsible for the crimes of its police department. The officers’ conduct “reflects all the traditional hallmarks of ‘authorized’ police activity,” Zukerberg said in an interview given with The Baltimore Sun.

The counter argument? The city wants to be cleared of any such liability, stating that these officers acted of their own accord when committing these crimes and that they personally – not the city – should be held liable despite their status as official city police officers.

The argument, being heard by Maryland’s highest court, has yet to rule either way, but the people of Baltimore are following the case extremely closely.

Win Would Mean Compensation For Hundreds Of Maryland Victims

The Court Of Appeals’ ruling could impact hundreds of Baltimore residents who were harmed by the criminal acts of the BPD’s Gun Trace Task Force. Here’s why…

If the city is found liable, they’ll be held both legally and financially accountable for the GTTF’s heinous activity. If not, then the liability would fall solely on the shoulders of those officers already in jail. Those guilty officers would most certainly be unable to pay anything in the form of restitution to not only the plaintiffs represented by Paul Zukerberg & Mandy Miliman, but to any future victims who are now in the process of filing claims against the city.

The city is essentially seeking to displace liability in order to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in both current and forthcoming lawsuits.

The attorneys at Zukerberg & Halperin are working to diligently to make sure their client is compensated for the harm he was caused by the police department as well as the time he spent wrongfully imprisoned.

Because the ruling would likely set a precedent that’d impact so many civilians who were harmed by the police, this is being viewed throughout the region as a landmark case. If the city is required to repay these two plaintiffs for the suffering they were caused, it’s likely they’ll be held responsible for the countless others who have yet to or are in the process of filing a lawsuit.

“If the ruling is in our favor it means that other victims can be compensated. If the ruling is against us, I’m afraid that our clients and all the others are going to be out of luck,” explained Mr. Zukerberg in an interview given to CBS 13’s Mike Hellgren.

Zukerberg & Halperin are relentlessly pursuing justice on behalf of not only their client but, in many ways, hundreds more.

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