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What You Should Know About Car Accidents in Washington, DC

Washington DC is not just home to the White House and the US Government’s discussions. It’s also a bustling city with people heading in different directions. There are families with adults and children who travel to and fro every day, along with foreign visitors who want to explore the land of the free.

However, despite how calm it may seem, the roads are often prone to accidents. This article will help brief you about car accidents in The Capital of the Free World.

Driving in Washington

Because there are tons of sights to see and so many places to go to, most people do use a car to get around in Washington. The city has a high accident rate, but a majority of them mostly lead to minor inconveniences. Small disputes and the issue of car repair is often thrown in the mix.

There’s also a middle ground where your vehicle can get wholly wrecked. You can escape the collision with your whole body unharmed while the car is ruined. This situation also warrants a case, especially if you don’t have any car insurance to cover the damages your vehicle underwent. 

However, some reported accidents do get the worst-case scenario. Some people die on the road; some get personal injuries that are almost irreversible. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, contact an attorney who can help you open up a case about the matter.

Being Involved in a Collision

It may be troubling to find yourself in an accident, whether you’re a local or a tourist. If you had an injury as a result of the collision, research and consult with an attorney about what claims you can make with the other driver involved in the accident. 

You can also make a claim with your car insurance carrier if you have one. Just total the medical expenses and your potential loss of income to obtain what you’re owed by the insurance company. Policies may vary.

The No-Fault System in DC

Washington does work under a no-fault system, preventing one driver from making a claim against another driver in a collision. This is why most attorneys are directed to help you make a claim with your car insurance carrier. 

However, you can be exempted from this system if the cost of your claim is higher than your car insurance policy or if the injuries are considered an impairment for 180 days or more. You will be required to provide evidence, so look for legal assistance.

Car Accident Law in DC

When pursuing a case, just keep in mind that Washington Law may deem you partially at fault for the accident. Unlike other states, Washington DC abides by a contributory negligence rule, which can restrict the compensation you’re seeking from the accident.

Suppose you and another driver are involved in a collision. In that case, and you launch a personal injury lawsuit, it has to be proven that you have no fault in the accident and that it was 100% caused by the opposing driver. An experienced attorney should be able to get you that compensation.


Getting into an accident is no joke, as you can get life-changing injuries. Recovery is no joke either, and compensation can be a catalyst between the life and death of a person. We implore you to stay safe and keep an eye on the road, and seek legal help if you need it.

Want to know where to hire a personal injury lawyer? You’re at the right place. Zukerberg & Halperin offers experienced auto accident attorneys in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Get in touch with us today!

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