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What to Do if You Get In an Accident With an Uber

Ride-sharing vehicles have been one of the most reliable forms of transportation for the past few years. However, although using Uber is convenient, you also risk getting involved in a car accident with an Uber or Lyft driver.

If you find yourself in an accident while on a  rideshare vehicle, make sure to follow the steps below:

1. Assess Your Injuries

Your health condition should be your number one priority over everything else. Car accidents are deadlier than you think—you could suffer from a life-threatening wound without even knowing it!

In any car accident, whether involving an Uber or not, you must always first check your injuries and seek medical help immediately. Even if you don’t notice any bleeding or severe wounds, it’s recommended to see your doctor after the incident, as you may have underlying injuries that could worsen over time.

2. Call the Authorities

Once you’ve asked for emergency medical care, the next step is to call 911 so that the police can come to the scene and make a report. As tempting as it may seem just to book another ride, you should stay near the accident site because the police will want to talk to everyone involved.

If you’re physically able to, make sure to collect the contact information of everyone involved in the accident while waiting for the authorities to arrive. Since it will be difficult to tell who caused the accident, it will help to know the names of the Uber driver, the other motorists, and any other passengers and how to get ahold of them.

You must help the police as much as you can, as they’ll need every little detail about the accident to determine what exactly happened and what caused it. The police will also include their opinion in their report, including who may have been at fault.

3. Document the Accident

Of course, the police will take photos and records of the whole scene, but you should also get shots of it yourself. You never know when your information about the incident could come in handy.

Once you’re safe and have everyone’s contact information, it’s time to fish out your smartphone. Make sure to be mindful of the on-coming traffic and to take photos and videos from a safe place. You may want to take pictures with and without flash, as lighting could affect the quality of your images.

Here are some tips for capturing the scene of the car accident:

  • Take photos from different angles
  • Take pictures from various distances
  • Document the surrounding area
  • Get a snap of damages to the interior
  • Photograph your injuries

4. Talk to a Car Accident Lawyer

Since Uber’s insurance provider aims to make money, they may deny claims to cut costs. As such, there’s a good chance that Uber may deny your claim, and you’ll be left with expensive car repair and medical fees.

If Uber denies your claim, we suggest working with an experienced car accident lawyer to help you file a lawsuit against the company. 


Getting in an accident while on a rideshare vehicle can get complicated, and you may end up with financial problems. However, as long as you take the proper steps after the accident and consult a car accident lawyer, you’ll be able to get the best possible outcome!

Did you get into a car accident with an Uber and don’t know what to do? Then, let our legal team at Zukerberg & Halperin help you navigate the legal process. You’ll never feel like you’re being left in the dark when it comes to your case. Call our car accident lawyers today at 202-232-6400.

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