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Car Crash Claims: What Is an Independent Medical Exam?

Suffering from a car crash is always stressful. You may likely have sustained injuries from the event, both physical and emotional. The injuries you sustained may have a direct effect on the way you live your daily life, not to mention the painful recovery process you have now been forced to go through. 

At this point, you may have gotten in touch with the insurance provider of the person at fault. You may have been asked to submit an independent medical exam to complete your claim. While this is often a necessary step in the procedure to file a claim, it is vitally important that you make an effort to learn more about independent medical exams before attending. 

This blog post will shed essential information on what goes on in an independent medical exam and what you can expect when you go in for this examination.

Car Crash Claims: What Is an Independent Medical Exam?

Before anything else, you need to understand why you are being asked to undergo this type of exam. The hard truth is that many times, these exams are rigged by the insurance company of the person at fault for your accident. More often than not, they will be the ones to choose the doctors who will perform the exams and use the exams to achieve specific goals. Some of these may be to question your credibility or downplay the severity of your injuries, among other things. 

Preparing for an Independent Medical Exam

If you want to get compensation for the injuries you sustained successfully, here are a few things to remember as you mentally prepare yourself for your IME.

1 – Do Not Try to Hide Pre-Existing Injuries

The first thing you should remember is that you should never try and hide any pre-existing injuries. You should be truthful about them and be clear about the specific injuries that arose because of your accident. 

2 – Do Not Sign Anything the IME Doctor Gives You

If the IME doctor that facilitates your exam hands over anything for you to sign, it is best that you consult a lawyer before signing. Even if it seems inconsequential or like nothing serious, you should never sign anything right away, especially under these circumstances. You may never know the fine print of the document you are signing, and it is best to have a lawyer review it before you affix your signature on the document.

3 – Do Not Exaggerate Your Injuries

Lastly, you should be as truthful as you can when it comes to your injuries. Do not downplay them, and do not exaggerate them either. Even if you suspect that the IME will not be completely unbiased, it will be in your best interest to stay completely forthright when you describe your injuries and the treatment you had for them. 


Remember that many times, independent medical exams are not objective. This is why if you notice any discrepancies in the IME’s report and the report issued by your doctor, especially when it comes to the injuries you sustained in the car crash, working with a skilled and experienced personal injuries attorney will go a long way. 

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