Time for Mandatory Pedestrian Detection Systems on Cars

With the rise of pedestrian deaths related to car accidents in DC, Maryland and Virginia, it’s time for mandatory pedestrian
detection systems on all new cars.

Sensor technology has focused on vehicle-to-vehicle detection systems for use in autonomous driving cars. With human error as the leading cause of motor vehicle fatalities, self-driving cars many one day reduce overall vehicle deaths. Google and Apple, along with Tesla, are said to lead the race towards autonomous driving vehicles, but full autonomy may be further away than people think, both because of technical issues and consumer acceptance.

Pedestrian Detection Systems: How Can They Help?

Until then, a number of manufactures have installed rear pedestrian detection systems, which have proven to be effective in real-life comparisons.

Pedestrian detections systems are pretty simple. Scanners in both the front and rear bumpers scan the road ahead and space behind the car for pedestrians. If it detects anything, it issues an audible warning to the driver. If that doesn’t work, the vehicle will auto-brake, as seen on some Infinity commercials. Great if your about to be crushed by a luxury car, not so great for the other pedestrians.

NHTSA, the National Highway Safety Administration, reports a 27% drop in vehicle-pedestrian collisions where pedestrian detection systems are installed. Now a costly option on luxury vehicles like Volvo, it’s time to be incorporated on all new vehicles.

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