Student Campus Personal Injuries on the Rise

A chemistry classroom explosion at Woodson High in Fairfax, Virginia last month seriously injured six students, part of an alarming uptick in school campus injuries.

Poorly trained instructors and inadequate lesson planning are blamed for the Woodson explosion and fire. A similar explosion burned five students in a Denver high school last year, according to a report from the US Chemical Safety Board. Lack of a vent hood and improper use of methanol were cited as contributing factors in the Denver case. The Woodson High case is currently
under investigation.

Other school campus injuries involve falls, defective equipment, food poisoning, athletic injuries – including concussions – hazardous materials, vehicular accidents and campus sexual assault.

Like the chemistry lab explosion at Woodson, school campus injuries are usually preventable. Administrators have a duty to provide a safe and secure learning environment, and schools can be held liable for failure to provide for student safety.

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