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Situations That Call For Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Whenever an accident happens, there is often more than one party who holds a portion of the blame. No matter the situation, it is always a good idea to contact an attorney who can give you consultation and ensure you’re legally protected. It doesn’t matter whether you think you are at fault for the accident or if you were the injured party. What is important is that you seek legal advice at the soonest possible moment.

Many people do not even consider hiring an attorney. However, this may be a bad decision that may cost you later on. This blog post will help you become aware of some of the common scenarios when people may be considering not to hire a personal injury attorney. 

Situations That Call For Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Should you ever find yourself in the situation where you have the inkling that you may be in need of legal advice after an accident, it is a better idea to seek the assistance of a lawyer immediately. Here are a few instances when getting legal help is the best option for you.

1 – The victims are not sure if they need a lawyer

There may be some situations where victims may be unsure if they need a lawyer or not. However, if they were in an accident that caused harm to themselves or to others, it may be a good decision to seek legal counsel about the next steps to take.

2 – They have never worked with a lawyer before

Another reason why people may be hesitant to talk to a lawyer is because they had never worked with one before. Not having ever contacted a lawyer should not stop you from getting the legal help you need.

3 – The insurance company says they don’t need an attorney

Some people think that they should not get a lawyer just because they have heard from their insurance company that they do not need one. However, if there is something within your policy that you do not understand or if you feel that part of the insurance policy you have is not fair, a lawyer will be able to help you deal with these issues. 

4 – The victims think they cannot afford to pay for a lawyer

Many people do not seek legal counsel because they are not ready to pay the lawyer’s fees. However, these people do not realize that you will not be required to pay big fees the first time you talk to your lawyer. You will usually have a consultation to determine if the lawyer will be able to handle your case. Only then will you discuss the fees you’ll have to pay.

5 – They know they are at fault

If people know they are at fault in the accident, they usually hesitate to get a lawyer. However, even if you think you may be the one to blame, seeking the advice of a lawyer will be your best recourse. Chances are that the other party will be seeking to place the blame on you, and you’ll need representation to make sure your story gets heard as well.


If you feel that you can relate to at least one of the scenarios mentioned above, it is best to rethink your decision not to hire a personal injury attorney. Keep in mind that lawyers will do their best to ensure that the best decision or outcome is reached when your case is decided on. Whether you are in the process of filing the final parts of your paperwork with your insurance company or if the accident has just happened, it is crucial to find a reliable and trustworthy attorney that will be able to help you build your case. 

Should you ever be in an accident, you will always be able to find skilled personal injury lawyers at Zukerberg and Halperin. We have skilled accident lawyers in DC that can help you with your legal questions. Get the best legal counsel today!

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