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Hiring A Lawyer After Being Hit By A Car

The aftermath of a car accident is something that is never easy to deal with. This is especially true if you are a pedestrian who has been struck by a car. The injuries that pedestrian victims sustain from the impact of a car can be quite severe. Dealing with your medical recovery, bills, expenses, time off from work and the emotional strain can be overwhelming. That is why so many accident victims throughout Washington, D.C. and the surrounding areas turn to Zukerberg & Halperin, PLLC for a trusted legal advocate.

Recovering from Your Injuries After an Auto Accident as a Pedestrian

Even if you have medical insurance, there are still many costs that you may have to deal with after being hit by a car. You may need to take time away from work and make other arrangements to fit in therapy, doctor visits, manage chronic pain and put your life back together. Filing a claim against the responsible driver is an effective way to seek repayment for these expenses.

In addition to the expenses that you may have to pay out of your own pocket after a car accident, you may also be entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering. The extent of your injuries, the overall effect on your quality of life and any emotional pain you endured as a result of the accident.

Protecting Yourself Against Insurance Companies and the Responsible Driver

Handling all of the follow-up paperwork and communications after being hit by a car is stressful and causes some people to settle their claims for less than they should. Insurance companies may pressure accident victims to settle quickly and without fully evaluating all of the damages caused by the accident.

Hit By A Car Injuries

Some of the injuries that pedestrian accident victims sustain can have long-term effects that may not be obvious immediately after an accident. That is why it is crucial to have your injuries evaluated by a medical professional and comply with any follow-up visits that are recommended. Do not get pressured into an insurance settlement without understanding the scope of what you may be dealing with for months or years to come after being hit by a car.

It is always wise to speak with an auto accident lawyer before agreeing to anything with an insurance company or the responsible driver. You should not sign any settlement paperwork without fully reviewing it and consulting with an attorney first.

Finding the Right Lawyer for Pedestrian Hit by a Car

An experienced and knowledgeable personal injury attorney can help you and your loved ones navigate the challenges of recovering after an auto accident. It is important to make sure that the attorney you choose to represent you after an auto accident has sufficient experience and in-depth knowledge of personal injury law.

Over 50+ Years Handling Injury Cases

Along with valuable experience representing accident victims, a quality personal injury attorney will regularly represent pedestrian victims in the same area where you were injured. Washington, D.C. has specific personal injury case law that could apply to your claim in that area. Failure to follow the specific procedures in your jurisdiction could put your case at risk of being dismissed.

Our team of DC personal injury attorneys at Zukerberg & Halperin, PLLC has decades of experience. They are familiar with the laws that apply to claims from pedestrians who have been injured by a car.

What Makes Our Pedestrian Injury Lawyers Effective

Our firm focuses on representing victims of serious auto accidents, including pedestrians hit by a car. We offer insightful and client-focused advocacy for accident victims in the D.C. area. We don’t leave our clients to navigate the confusing and frustrating logistics of speaking with insurance companies. Nor will you be left alone to figure out how to pay medical bills. Our injury attorneys will help advocate for you every step of the way.

Some of the top reasons why the pedestrian injury lawyers at Zukerberg & Halperin, PLLC are so highly recommended in the D.C. area include the following.

The Attorney Assigned to Your Case is Available and Responsive

We know how important it is for our clients to be able to contact us. You will be informed regarding important updates on your case. That is why your case will be assigned to an attorney who will be in direct contact with you. You will have access to the cell phone of your attorney. This way, you stay informed about all developments in your case.

Free Consultation for All Pedestrian Injury Cases

First, before you decide to file your claim or work with our firm, you will receive a free initial consultation. You can explain all of the details of your case and connect with an experienced attorney at your convenience. It is important to us that our clients feel comfortable and confident in our approach. We will do everything to help you recover after a major accident.

No Upfront Attorneys’ Fees

You can rest assured. We do not collect a fee from you for our services until you recover for your claim. What’s this mean? You can start rebuilding your life after a serious auto accident. No need to worry about paying your attorney out of pocket.

Contact a Top Pedestrian Injury Lawyer Right Away

If you or a loved one have been the victim of an accident, speak to our injury attorneys today. Call us at (202) 232-6400 to schedule a consultation about your claim.

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