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Was Your Child Seriously Injured During Birth in DC, Virginia or Maryland?

Have you or your child suffered a serious injury during childbirth? If so, it is strongly suggested to speak with a birth injury lawyer right away. If you would like a free consultation, call Zukerberg & Halperin at 202-232-6400 today. Their attorneys routinely handle some of the most complex cases by putting their over 50+ years of experience to work for their clients. They are ready and willing to work tirelessly day and night for those who have suffered serious injuries during birth.

These Are Tough Times. Our Birth Injury Attorneys Understand.

Every day moms put their trust and confidence in doctors and hospitals to deliver their baby safely. Negligent or careless actions by doctors and hospitals cause severe and life-threatening injuries to both mother and child. These injuries can cause life-long problems and medical bills.

Our birth injury attorneys understand. Therefore, we’re compassionate with all our clients and will be sure to put your first every step of the way. We’ll look out for you like no other attorney ever could and work tirelessly to earn your trust. However, rest assured that when it comes time to deal with opposing law firms we’ll be aggressive and relentless to make sure you get the maximum level of compensation for your hardship.

It can be incredibly difficult to speak about these types of cases. Don’t worry, we completely understand. However, it is almost always better to call an attorney sooner rather than later for a number of reasons. That said, we recommend calling trusted injury attorneys at Zukerberg & Halperin right away at 202-232-6400. We’ll provide a confidential, completely free consultation either in person or over the phone. Should you decide to retain our firm, we’ll cover all of the upfront costs of your case. You won’t owe a dime unless you win.

Common Birth Injuries and Their Causes

There are many mistakes that doctors and hospitals can make that cause serious injuries. It is important to know your rights. In these instances, keep all paperwork and take photographs to document any injuries then call a Washington DC birth injury lawyer.

Above all, our birth injury lawyers are experienced in representing birth injury clients. We are ready to take on your medical malpractice case and work towards helping you obtain the fair compensation to which you are entitled.

At Zukerberg & Halperin, PLLC, we represent cases involving:

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Erb’s palsy
  • Kumpke’s palsy
  • Horner’s syndrome
  • Paralysis
  • Head injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Bleeding

Dedicated and Compassionate Representation

Our attorneys are committed to providing the best legal representation possible. Secondly, we have more than 50 years of combined experience and a proven track record of successful results for our clients.  As a result, can trust our dedicated and compassionate representation in your birth injury claim. Our Washington DC personal injury attorneys work tirelessly for your rights. As trusted trial lawyers, we are fully prepared to take your case to a court of law to recover compensation your family deserves.

Keep in mind, it’s likely best to our attorneys today and get advice from our Washington DC Birth injury Lawyers! Call anytime: 202-232-6400

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Z&H senior partners have the distinguished honor of receiving numerous awards and accolades. Should you retain the firm, you’ll have a highly-rated attorney handling your case; Jonathan or Paul will personally represent you in court.

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Serious injury cases are stressful, trying, and at times, downright scary. Reviews from past clients speak volumes about how we treat our clients – our understanding, compassion, and full-transparency are critical during these tough times.

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Walk into the courtroom with confidence… we’ve recovered millions of dollars fighting on behalf of our clients, including a record-breaking verdict. With 50+ years of experience and proven results, you’ll be in good hands with our top injury attorneys.


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Every Case Matters… Unlike other firms, our personal injury attorneys accept only a handful of cases at a time. This allows us to make sure you get the attention you deserve… with us, you’re not just another case number.

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Attorneys Standing By...


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