Q: How Much Is A Car Accident Lawsuit Worth?

Many people call Zukerberg & Halperin to ask how much is a car accident lawsuit worth?

The value of car accident claims varies and depends on many different factors, meaning that it is not possible to give an exact value of a car accident claim during a phone call. Your lawyer will analyze your claim carefully to arrive at its approximate value. He or she will then provide you with a range of values. You should expect a reasonable settlement offer to fall within the range that you are provided.

Factors For Determining A Car Accident Lawsuit Amount

Some of the factors that can impact the value of a car accident injury claim include the following:

  • The extent, nature, and severity of your injuries
  • Your past and future expected medical expenses
  • Your past income losses
  • Your future expected income losses
  • The likelihood that you will fully recover
  • Whether you suffered permanent disfigurement and scarring
  • The physical pain and suffering that you experienced
  • Whether you suffered emotional trauma

How Can A Car Accident Lawyer Help

Your attorney might consult with medical experts to value your medical losses and future expected medical needs. For future losses of earnings, your attorney will not base them on the income that you earned before your accident. Instead, he or she will look at the reduction of your capacity to earn an income before and after your accident. Your lawyer will also take into account your noneconomic losses when calculating the value of your injury accident claim.

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