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Injured In The State Of Virginia?

When you have sustained an injury which was not your fault, we know that obtaining the compensation that you have a legal right to can be a challenge. Insurance companies have a wide range of strategies they use. They will try and deny claimants from obtaining a payout or receiving far less than they might with a personal injury lawyers in Virginia.

With more than five decades of experience behind us, we know personal injury law in Virginia. Our experience enables us to put together strong cases on behalf of our clients. In most instances, the better the lawyer, the better the recovery.

In fact, our senior partner attorney Jonathan Halperin secured the largest settlement amount of it’s kind in Virginia. It was a recovery of $37 Million Dollars.

No Win, No Fee Injury Lawyer in Virginia

Out of pocket expenses for an attorney can cause stress and hardship. Particularly if you have been unable to work following your injuries, upfront fees can be difficult. If you have been using savings to pay the bills, finding the money to pay legal fees may be impossible. To empower our clients to obtain legal representation, we offer a “no win, no fee” option for our injury cases. We will use our best endeavors to get you the outcome you are looking for. If we are successful, we will take our fees from your compensation payout, leaving you with the remaining cash sum.

Virginia Personal Injury Attorneys

We are an experienced law firm serving Virginia and the surrounding area. Our attorneys are dedicated to individuals who have been the victims of injury due to negligence by another party. Our team does not work on behalf of large corporations or insurance companies. Rather, we are dedicated to fighting for individuals who are entitled to compensation. If you believe that you have grounds to claim compensation, give our attorneys a call. Even if you are unsure and would like legal advice to decide whether to pursue a claim, we are here for you. Our personal injury lawyers Virginia are happy to help. Call us anytime at (202) 232-6400.

I recently worked with Zuckerberg & Halperin and would highly recommend them. They were extremely knowledgeable and answered my all my questions thoroughly and quickly. They made settling my claim an easy and painless process.

Franklin B.

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Attorney Awards

Z&H senior partners have the distinguished honor of receiving numerous awards and accolades. Should you retain the firm, you’ll have a highly-rated attorney handling your case; Jonathan or Paul will personally represent you in court.

Client Reviews

Serious injury cases are stressful, trying, and at times, downright scary. Reviews from past clients speak volumes about how we treat our clients – our understanding, compassion, and full-transparency are critical during these tough times.

Millions Won

We’ve recovered millions of dollars fighting on behalf of our clients. Aggressive representation by an experienced attorney is critical when fighting for justice. With 50+ years of experience and proven results, you’ll be in good hands.

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Attorneys Standing By...