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Need a Personal Injury Lawyer? Watch Out for These Red Flags

Sustaining a personal injury can be a traumatic experience. After going through that, you’d want to get an attorney who can get you the justice you deserve. The last thing you’d want to worry about is getting a lawyer who might hurt your chances of getting compensated for the injuries; here are red flags to watch for when hiring a personal injury lawyer.

They Don’t Seem to Have Experience

Check the lawyer’s website to learn what types of cases he usually handles. See what former clients have to say as well—it’s always good to learn the details of this person’s working style from those who have experienced it firsthand. During your initial consultation, ask him about his experience in handling cases similar to yours. If he cannot provide a concrete example, that’s a red flag—they might not have what it takes to land you a favorable outcome.

They Don’t Have Resources

Even the best lawyers in the world cannot single-handedly run their firms. When considering where to hire a personal injury lawyer, consider the resources available to this person or company. Although you don’t need to hire a high-end firm, you want one with a professional, trained staff. You’d want someone with a system for handling and coordinating their meetings.

You’d also want to work with an attorney with an established network; he is more likely to have access to experts who can help you build a strong case. Avoid lawyers who seem overwhelmed with work, operate on little money, or cannot provide details on their game plans for cases like yours.

The Promise You Everything

When you’re in the middle of a personal injury suit, hearing an attorney tell you that you have a simple case could bring you relief—even more so if they start quoting six- or seven-figure settlements. However, beware of attorneys who talk like this—experienced ones know not to overpromise to potential clients since personal injury claims always have ups and downs.

They Don’t Seem to Specialize in Personal Injury

You’d want to get an attorney who doesn’t practice in other areas of law. The most skilled personal injury lawyers are ones who focus on civil litigation. If your prospective attorney lists several areas of practice on their website—and they aren’t part of a firm, it’s just one person—you’re better off choosing a different lawyer.

They Require an Upfront Payment

Typically, attorneys handle cases on a contingent basis. If your prospective lawyer asks you to pay an amount up front, they might only be looking for a money grab. A personal injury lawyer is usually not paid hourly—you don’t have to pay them to determine if they can take your case either! If the attorney asks for an initial filing fee, steer clear.

They Cannot Give You Concrete Results

A reputable personal injury lawyer will have numbers to back up his claims. For example, he would tell you if he’d won jury verdicts since this type of decision isn’t easy to clinch, and less than five percent of cases get tried.

You’d also want someone who is at the top of his game. If the lawyer cannot answer whether any of his current cases set for trial could go forward, they probably haven’t gone to trial in a while.


When hiring a lawyer, especially for a personal injury suit, you need to look out for red flags. Inexperience, overconfidence, and lack of concrete results are three of the most significant ones to watch for. You’d also want to avoid lawyers who ask for upfront payments—they’re probably less interested in getting you justice and more interested in how they can benefit from your case.

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