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How to Reach a Fair Settlement After a Rear-End Accident

The most frequent kind of automobile collision is a rear-end collision. Not surprisingly, these accidents result in the highest number of personal injury claims. Most individuals in Maryland who have experienced rear-end automobile accidents want a reasonable settlement value for their case because no one wants to be taken advantage of by an insurance provider. 

Unfortunately, insurance businesses spend a significant amount of time educating their insurance consultants to avoid major insurance payments as much as possible. As a result, obtaining a reasonable settlement value will be challenging and tricky. 

Understanding the Value of a Rear-End Accident Case

The settlement value of a rear-end collision lawsuit is determined by several variables. However, the severity of the victim’s bodily injuries is the most crucial element driving the value of these cases. Greater settlement amounts represent greater injuries on the side of the plaintiff.

Not all rear-end collision lawsuits will have the exact settlement amount. It is easy to classify the plaintiff’s bodily injuries into three degrees of severity to provide you with a value range for rear-end collision claims depending on the amount of the damage.

LEVEL 1 – This is the most minor (least severe) category of physical injuries. Level 1 injuries are mild physical injuries that do not necessitate surgery or significant hospital attention and typically recover in 4-6 weeks. Neck and back sprains, concussions, whiplash, and other kinds of “soft tissue” injuries are prevalent in Level 1 car accidents. 

Physical therapy and primary care are the only treatments available for these injuries, with a few exceptions. In a Level 1 injury lawsuit, damages will generally include pain and suffering and medical costs.

Settlement for Level 1 Injuries

In Maryland, the average compensation range for a Level 1 injury lawsuit is between $10,000 and $25,000. The quantity of medical treatment (and the associated costs) and whether the plaintiff has a claim for lost earnings will determine where an individual case falls within this range.

LEVEL 2 – This category includes somewhat more severe injuries that result in more significant physical damage and require more thorough medical care. Broken arms, broken legs, ruptured discs, and burns are typical Level 2 auto accident injuries. Knee and shoulder injuries, such as torn rotator cuffs or ALC / MCL tears, would likewise be classified as Level 2. 

The degree of physical damage and severe injuries typically require more than simply physical therapy, and pain management distinguishes Level 2 injuries. Injuries that fall under this category often require extensive medical care, such as surgery. Level 2 injuries often result in lasting physical disabilities and substantial pay loss claims.

Settlement for Level 2 Injuries 

The cost of level 2 physical injuries ranges between $60,000 and $110,000. When compared to Level 1 injury cases, this has a much wider value range. That is due to the fact that Level 2 injuries have a much more comprehensive range of severity and require medical treatment. Consider the following scenario: you came out of a rear-end collision with a broken arm. The required treatment may range from a simple cast to extensive orthopaedic surgery with internal hardware, depending on the location of the fracture (upper or lower arm) and the type of fracture. That explains why Level 2 injury cases have such a wide range of settlement values.

LEVEL 3 – The most severe injuries from a rear-end collision will be classified as Level 3. Level 3 injuries are those that may result in death or long-term impairment. Death, brain damage, organ damage, or paraplegic injuries are examples of Level 3 car accident injuries.

Settlement for Level 3 Injuries 

Settlement values for Level 3 Injuries will vary greatly but largely be 6-digit numbers. It’s best to discuss an expected range with a car accident attorney as they will be able to put a value on the injuries incurred as a result of the accident.

Final Thoughts

The aim of the insurance company is not to give you a reasonable settlement value. Therefore, you need to consider all injuries—including those that may not be as visible. In any event, the most important thing you can do is hire the finest car accident attorney you can find and require assistance to fight for every last cent on your behalf.

Find the best car accident lawyer in Maryland and make sure you get the most out of any rear-end accident case you experienced. Call us today and get a free consultation to ease your worries away!

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