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How to Protect Your Child from a Rental Home’s Elevators

When you’re thinking of going on vacation with your family, it’s always exciting to pick the destination, create an itinerary, and select a vacation rental home where you plan to stay. Part of making sure you have a memorable and happy trip is looking out for your family’s safety.

If you’re traveling with your kids, knowing they’re in good health at all times is important. Those wanting to stay in a rental home with more than one story and have elevators installed must be extra cautious. Unfortunately, accidents can occur because of unsafe elevators.

It’s never easy to witness you or any of your loved ones go through an accident, especially if it’s your children who are involved. Besides hiring a personal injury lawyer to represent you, keep reading below to find out things to consider when dealing with elevator accidents. 

Common Properties with Elevators to Watch Out For

Vacation rental homes are one of the typical properties that have elevators with two doors installed, which could put people’s lives at risk if they aren’t careful. Besides that, multi-level houses, townhomes, inns, bed & breakfast hotels, and beach houses can also have elevators.

Elevators are essential for buildings with more than one floor. If you’re looking for a property with multiple stories that can guarantee you and your family’s safety, you could ask the management if they have sliding-door elevators instead to avoid unwanted situations and the need to hire an accident lawyer.

Ways to Keep Your Child Safe From Elevator Accidents

A property’s management can guarantee their guests’ safety if they can lock their elevators to keep people from using it, especially when it’s out of order and requires repairs. If you’re renting a vacation home with an elevator, you should talk to the owner and find out if they can present a report from a professional inspector.

According to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), the gap between an elevator and the door should be four to five inches. However, it will still depend on the state you’re in and the rules set in place. Having enough proof that an elevator adheres to safety standards imposed by the ASME is necessary to ensure your family is safe from harm. 

Moreover, finding out if a vacation rental home has space guards installed behind the exterior elevator door is helpful. The device works to fill the space between the closed exterior door and the elevator car’s door, keeping a child from fitting in the middle of the two doors while the outer door is closed.

What to Do When Your Child is Hurt from a Rental Home’s Elevator

During the unfortunate event that your child faces an accident involving a residential elevator, you should seek the best personal injury lawyer available immediately. They will see to it that all forms of evidence are contained, and you and your child’s rights are duly protected.

After all, vacation rental homes and all sorts of buildings and properties with elevators should know from the very beginning that a person’s safety is their utmost priority. If their elevators malfunction or cause injury to guests or employees, they do not have an excuse for the danger they’ve put people through.

The gaps between elevators and doors are risky, which is all the more reason for property managers to do everything in their power to secure it in a way that there’s no room for errors. If you or your child experienced an elevator accident, the parties at fault are usually the manufacturer, installer, inspector, or maintenance crew.

Other people who could suffer the consequences are the owner of the vacation rental home or the management team. Knowing your rights is crucial, especially during times where the life of your loved ones are on the line. 


No matter how much you try to keep you and your family safe and away from harm, you never know when accidents will happen. The least you can do is be cautious and act immediately when you think something isn’t right. If you wish to have a peaceful vacation, you must always look at the factors that comprise your trip. Whether it’s as simple as the things the whole family must pack or as serious as a dangerous residential elevator. Moreover, knowing where to hire a personal injury lawyer is vital to prioritize your safety and welfare at all times.

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