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Dangerous Driving: How Distracted Drivers Can Be Held Liable

Drunk driving is undeniably dangerous, and has claimed countless lives since the turn of the century. Distracted driving, however, can be just as dangerous. This commonly occurs when texting or using your phone, leading drivers to lose control on the road. As a result, car accidents happen—and often affect other motorists on the same road. Unfortunately, criminal liabilities regarding distracted driving remain to be difficult to implement, leaving victims vulnerable. 

The question now stands—what happens if a driver on his phone hits your car? Thankfully, the law is still on your side, so you’re given various options. One, you have all the right to sue the perpetrator. You’ll receive compensation in return, regardless if they’re convicted or not. 

To learn more about the implications of distracted driving, and what you can do to pursue justice, here is a quick and easy guide to follow:

How are drivers affected by using their mobile phones on the road?

Sneaking a peek at your phone while driving may seem harmless, but drivers are affected by the act in more ways than one:

  • The driver’s attention is directed off the road, especially since one or both hands fall off the steering wheel while texting or scrolling.
  • The driver’s visual advantage is taken off the road, thereby failing to see the direction their vehicles are going. They also fail to see oncoming traffic, and by the time they shift their focus, a few seconds of delay will leave them unable to prevent collisions. 
  • The driver’s focus isn’t on the road, even if the eyes constantly glance up. Inattention can be difficult to curb, and can even be further enhanced while on the phone, As such, collisions and accidents occur. 

Can these drivers be held liable for the damages caused?

A texting or distracted driver can be legally held liable for the damages they caused. They are responsible for accidents and injuries caused as a result of their recklessness and negligence, especially since US citizens are always expected to uphold a duty of care over others. This duty encompasses driving, where all drivers are expected to uphold the well-being of their passengers, motorists, and passersby.

Choosing to text while driving, or simply being on your phone on the road, violates the duty of care. It’s regarded as a dangerous activity, one that leads to accidents. This negligence causes the driver in question to be held liable for the damages caused, and will be required by law to pay for compensation. 

Seeking the Justice You Deserve—Maximise Your Compensation 

Car accidents are often devastating. If you’re lucky enough to walk away from such a tragic scene, keep in mind that you’re entitled to the trauma and injuries you’re suffering from. You’ll need the expert help of an attorney, as they’ll handle your case for you as you heal bruises, cuts, broken bones, and sprains. 

No one deserves to go through such a traumatic experience, especially one caused by a negligent driver. Using your mobile phone on the road should be made illegal, but for now, allow yourself to heal and be helped.

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