Fatal Tesla Crash Clouds Future of Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars are supposed to be the wave of the future, but the first fatal crash of a Tesla on auto-pilot is putting doubt on the futurists’ plans.

The crash report is horrific. According to the New York Times, the Tesla autonomous driving system failed to see a white tractor-trailer turning across the highway against a bright sunny background. No brakes were applied, and the Tesla collided with the underbelly of the trailer, killing the Tesla driver, Joshua Brown, a Navy veteran. Brown had been a Tesla booster and a tech admirer, who posted Tesla videos on YouTube.

Proponents of self-driving vehicles point out – correctly – that there are thousands of deaths each year involving “normal”
vehicles. The vast majority of these car accidents are caused by driver error and 1/3 of all accidents involve alcohol.

Statistically, self-driving advocates argue that self-driving cars are safer. Maybe that’s true, but there is something horrible about
a death caused by computer error, even if they are infrequent.

Dangers Associated with Car Computer Hacking

Another issue confronting self-driving cars is hacking. Recent tests on early models show vulnerability to outside hackers. In 2015, a group a tech hackers demonstrated how a Jeep Cherokee could be hacked using the vehicle’s connected
infotainment system by exploiting a zero-day software vulnerability.

When self-driving cars become mainstream, some owners may be tempted to hack their own systems, to improve performance, or get an edge on other robot-driven vehicles. Current law does not prevent a vehicle owner from reprograming a vehicle from nice to nasty. Perhaps self-driving vehicles will begin to take on the personalities of their owners.

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