DC’s Most Dangerous Intersections for Cyclists

If you’re peddling around the District of Columbia today, you may want to skip these intersections. The D.C. Department of Transportation says these are the five highest intersections for serious bicycle crashes.

Top bicycle crash locations:

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14th and Columbia NW

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14th and U NW

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14th and Park NW

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17th and Pennsylvania NW

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18th and Kalorama Road, NW

Three of the deadliest intersections for bicycles are on 14th Street, NW, and four-of-five most dangerous intersections are in the city’s Ward 1.

Bicycling collisions are on the rise in the District of Columbia and Maryland, even as the popularity of bicycle commuting is increasing.

Some wonder whether bicycle safety infrastructure improvements are keeping pace with new ridership figures. As we saw in the area of snow removal, cyclists are often at the bottom of the list of priorities for transportation officials.

Let’s hope DC’s Metropolitan Police Department and DDOT use this new data to improve safety conditions for riders – and quickly too.

Join Zukerberg & Halpering, PLLC is supporting the DC Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Act, which will enhance safety for walkers and bikers. The Act will require DDOT to report the locations of the most dangerous intersections for bikes and pedestrians and recommendations for safety improvement foreach. The new report identifying dangerous intersections is helpful information,
but it does not address the engineering and design changes necessary to correct the danger.

If you or a loved one is injured in a bicycle collision cased by the negligence of someone else, contact skilled personal injury attorneys Zukerberg & Halperin today.