Zukerberg & Halperin Slams Hankook Tire for $37.8 Million Dollars

Federal Court Jury in Richmond Awards a $37.8 Million Verdict Which Left a Truck Driver Wheelchair Bound After his Hankook Truck Tire Broke Apart Zukerberg & Halperin is proud to announce partner Jonathan Halperin’s client was awarded $37,835,259.23 for injuries.  The cement mixer he was driving crashed and rolled over following the failure of a Hankook tire. More […]

Pedestrian Killed by Self-Driving Uber

An Arizona pedestrian was killed by a self-driving Uber.  As a result, Uber has pulled its self-driving cars from the road.  As a result, an investigation is underway. Self-driving cars create new issues in personal injury law.  Is the car owner at fault? Or is the computer program? Maybe the software caused the crash. Uber typically […]