Chemical Train Crash Scares DC

Chemical Train Crash Scares DC A CSX train carrying at least three different chemicals derailed and crashed near Rhode Island Avenue in Northeast DC yesterday. The crash ruptured the rail tankers and spilled sodium hydroxide. Rhode Island Avenue was closed, as was the Capital Crescent Bike Trail. No word yet from CSX how long the […]

DC Streetcar Pedestrian Danger?

DC Streetcar Pedestrian Danger? Washington DC’s long delayed Streetcar debuted on February 27, 2016. It’s running, but can it run safely? Are H Street pedestrians in danger? The streetcar project has been delayed five years, raising significant questions about planning and safety – questions which may be answered if the streetcar is a success. In Toronto, […]

DC Metro Trains Still Running Red Lights

DC Metro Trains Still Running Red Lights February 24, 2016, Washington, D.C., – After a fatal 2009 Metro train cash, where the operator ran a red light signal, killing 8 passengers, DC Metrorail riders hoped for a complete overhaul of Metro’s safety philosophy. Apparently, that didn’t happen. The Washington Post is reporting today that DC […]