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Pedestrian Accidents

Time for Mandatory Pedestrian Detection Systems on Cars

With the rise of pedestrian deaths related to car accidents in DC, Maryland and Virginia, it’s time for mandatory pedestrian detection systems on all new cars. Sensor technology has focused on vehicle-to-vehicle detection systems for use in autonomous driving cars. With human error as the leading cause of motor vehicle fatalities, self-driving cars many one day reduce …

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DC’S DEADLIEST INTERSECTIONS The District of Columbia Department of Transportation has published its list of most dangerous intersections in Washington D.C. Using statistics for the three-year period 2012 through 2015, DDOT identified the traffic intersections with the most serious crashes and injuries. The survey included motor vehicle, bike, scooter, motorcycle, truck and pedestrian injuries, if they showed up on …


Pedestrian Accidents Up 3.1% in DC

Pedestrian Accidents Are Up 3.1% in Washington, DC Washington DC: While motor vehicle accidents were down overall in 2014, setting a record low, collisions with pedestrians were up 3.1% in the District of Columbia. That’s because Distracted drivers continued to hit pedestrians.  In conclusion, 92% of fatal accidents are driver error.