Bicycle Disc Brake Danger

Bicycle Disc Brake Danger With disc brakes on bicycles, the trouble is not with the brake, but with the front, quick release skewer. If the skewer lever comes loose or is left open, the lever handle can get caught in the front brake disk. These kinds of defective products have been known to case serious bike […]

Virginia Senate Bill Would Outlaw “Dooring” of Cyclists

Virginia Senate Bill Would Outlaw “Dooring” of Cyclists A new proposed bill in the Virginia Senate would fine motorists who “door” bicyclists. VA Senate bill #117 would amend Va. Code §46.2-818 to impose a $50 fine on anyone who opens a car door “unless it is reasonably safe to do so.” A Virginia House committee is […]

DC’s Most Dangerous Intersections for Cyclists

If you’re peddling around the District of Columbia today, you may want to skip these intersections. The D.C. Department of Transportation says these are the five highest intersections for serious bicycle crashes. Top bicycle crash locations: 14th and Columbia NW 14th and U NW 14th and Park NW 17th and Pennsylvania NW 18th and Kalorama […]

Churches & Bike Lanes Set to Reach Historic Compromise in Washington, D.C.

Plans to create a protected north-south cycling lane in D.C.’s Shaw neighborhood have run into a powerful roadblock: church parking. Local churches are the heart and soul of the District of Columbia community. They serve as neighborhood centers, family anchors, and social hubs. In addition to worship, DC Churches provide nutrition, recreation and support services […]


Bike Lanes Last to be Plowed 2-Feb-2016 Cyclists are used to being at the bottom of the priority list when it starts to snow. In Washington, D.C., the official policy is not to clear bike lanes of snow until after general motor vehicle lanes are plowed. Even worse, the snow plows actually pile snow on the […]

Will DC’s Plan for Zero Traffic Deaths Work?

Will DC’s Plan for Zero Traffic Deaths Work? (December 17, 2015) Washington, DC – Mayor Muriel Bowser has released her long-awaited plan to combat traffic deaths in the District of Columbia. Bicycle, pedestrian, and motor vehicle deaths have been rising in the District. “Vision Zero” is a safety plan imported from Sweden designed to reduce traffic fatalities […]

DC Faces Bicycle Safety Crisis

DC Faces Bicycle Safety Crisis Facing soaring rates of bicycle and pedestrian deaths, the DC Council is considing new legislation called the Bicycle and Pedestrian Act of 2015. Sounds good, but will it help? The most controversial feature is a new rule to allow cyclists to yield instead of stopping at red lights. Many cyclists already do […]

Prince George’s County Leads in Fatal Bicycle Accidents

Prince George’s County Leads in Fatal Bicycle Accidents Local jurisdictions are not doing enough for bicycle safety. Last year, P.G. County had 36 fatal bicycle accidents. The District of Columbia had 25, and Montgomery county was third at 21, followed by Fairfax County with 19. Part of the increase is due to shear numbers. Bicycle ridership […]

DC’s Pedestrian Safety Action Plan Late

DC’s Pedestrian Safety Action Plan Late Mayor Muriel Bowser’s “Vision Zero” plan to eliminate traffic deaths was due this fall — safety advocates are still waiting. Pedestrian deaths are up 3.1% in 2015 while 20 people have died this year in bicycle accidents in the District.

Driver Error Causes 92% of Motor Vehicle Accidents

Driver error continues to be the leading cause of auto accidents, accounting for 92% of all fatal car crashes. With the advent of safer cars, only 2% of collisions are caused by mechanical defects, according to new report from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA). In Washington, DC, fatal motor vehicle collisions were down in 2015, but […]