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Surviving a Car Crash: 3 Spinal Injuries You Could Have

Being in a car accident can be an emotionally and physically traumatic experience. Even the slightest impact of hitting another vehicle at low speeds can already cause considerable strain on your body—the impact of this force doubles leading to more severe injuries than just shoulder pain.

The danger of having spinal cord injuries is that symptoms won’t always manifest right after a crash. Unlike bruises and cuts, a compromised spine can gradually present itself. This can lead to severe and life-altering consequences if you don’t get immediate medical treatment. If you recklessly avoid medical attention after a car crash, you could compromise your health by being unaware of the spinal injuries you could have.

Expecting the worst after a car collision accident

Before the trauma can set in, your body releases a huge amount of adrenaline throughout your body to trigger your fight or flight response. This allows you to block certain degrees of pain, even when you’re seriously injured. For this reason, it’s necessary to get a medical check-up to confirm if your body sustained any damage.

In this article, we’ll share three spinal injuries you could have after a car crash.

1. Whiplash

Although whiplash is among the most common spinal injuries during vehicle collisions, that doesn’t make it any less severe. Whiplash is a form of injury to the cervical spine experienced by a person when their neck is forced to suddenly snap back and forth. This immediate impact to the spine can cause whiplash-associated disorder, a condition that affects motor, sensory, and sensorimotor functions. Besides chronic pain manifesting in arms, neck, and nape, a person with Whiplash-Associated Disorder can also develop depression, irritation, and fatigue.

Since it’s difficult to restrain the head’s movement while driving, a driver and passengers’ protection from whiplash is through a firm headrest. Without it, your neck can snap at a dangerous angle, causing more than just chronic pain throughout your body.

2. Vertebrae fractures

Like any bone structure, spinal columns are prone to fracturing. The body’s natural healing factor will gradually repair minor fractures with enough time and rest. However, a person with a fractured vertebra must avoid compromising their spine’s weakened state. Although minor fractures aren’t fatal medical conditions, they can still cause severe pain when forcing the body to move. Besides the pain factor, a person will also experience a tingling sensation in their extremities or an inability to control bladder and bowel functions. If left untreated, a severe vertebrae fracture can lead to paralysis and even death.

3. Herniated discs

If the spinal disc is under extreme pressure, its soft center can ooze out of place and affect its surrounding nerves. Although it’s more common among the elderly with weak bone structures, a healthy adult can experience a herniated disc after a car crash. A herniated disc is a severely uncomfortable condition that causes muscle weaknesses around the spine’s affected area. It causes pain, tingling, and limits your range of motion, making you incapable of performing day-to-day tasks.


The dangers of car crashes can range from short-term chronic pain to severe, debilitating injuries. What’s worse is realizing that you had an opportunity to receive compensation for the expensive treatments you needed after the crash. This is why it’s vital to view the legal aspect of your situation and how you can overcome your potential medical challenges.

Surviving a car crash is something short of a miracle, especially since there are so many ways an accident with vehicles can go wrong. While you may have survived, that doesn’t mean that you’re free from harm in a medical and legal sense. If you need a car accident lawyer in DC, you can get in touch with our team and get a free consultation.

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