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Auto Accident Lawyer FAQs

Have car accident lawyer FAQs? The experienced personal injury lawyers at Zukerberg & Halperin frequently field questions from people in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia who have been involved in car accidents. To help you understand the basics of car accident claims, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that we receive about auto accident injury claims.

FYI: Our clients trust us… one of the ways we’ve earned the trust of so many clients is by being completely open, honest, and forthcoming.

It is our goal to provide clear insights to common questions. However, we must stress that no two car accident cases are the same. Kindly keep in mind that because every case is different, our expert attorneys (nor anyone) can give exact answers to these questions. Accordingly…

  1. The information below should be considered as general tips and insight, not specific answers or advice.
  2. If you’ve suffered an injury from a car accident, it truly is worth calling and speaking to an attorney. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and, if deemed necessary, provide advice and counsel for moving forward.
Do I Have A Car Accident Injury Case?

Some of the factors that are important in determining whether you have a winnable car accident injury case include the following:

  • Suffering serious injuries
  • Income losses and the reduction of your ability to earn money in the future
  • Disability
  • A reduced likelihood of your ability to fully recover
  • Severe nature and extent of your injuries
  • The other driver was at fault
  • A dispute over fault exists

Keep reading to see if you might have a car accident case…

How Much Is An Auto Accident Lawsuit Worth?

Many people call Zukerberg & Halperin to ask how much their car accident injury claims might be worth. The value of car accident claims varies and depends on many different factors, meaning that it is not possible to give an exact value of a car accident claim during a phone call.

Click this link to find out some of the factors that go into determining how much a car accident case is worth.

Who Pays Medical Bills After An Auto Accident?

You’ve been in a serious auto accident but it wasn’t your fault. Now your medical bills are starting to pile up – who should have to pay them?

While your claim is pending, your health insurance company will pay your medical bills minus your deductibles.

After your case, however, there are a few factors that go into who will pay (and how much).

Keep reading over here to find out who pays your medical bills after a car accident claim.

Do I Need To Testify During An Auto Accident Lawsuit?

It is a possibility, although your accident attorney will be able to provide insight as to whether or not you should and also help prepare you for any questions you will face. Often, whether you will need to testify during your car accident lawsuit will depend on whether you have to go to trial and whether depositions are conducted during the discovery phase.

Click here to find out if you will have to testify during a car accident case.

What To Expect During An Auto Accident Case?

Pushback from insurance companies, needing to identify all liable parties, dealing with different doctors and needing to be patient are all a part of what you might expect throughout a car accident case.

To find out more about what to expect during an auto accident lawsuit, click the link to keep reading.

How Long Does A Car Accident Case Take?

How long it might take for a car accident case to settle or to go to trial will depend on multiple factors. In cases in which the liability of the defendants is clear, the insurance company might be more willing to negotiate a settlement. Many cases are resolved through settlement negotiations without a formal lawsuit ever being filed.

Keep reading to find out what else determines how long a car accident might take.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Car Accident Injury Settlement?

Wondering how long until you get paid? The length of time that it will take for you to receive your money after your car accident lawsuit will depend on a couple of things.

Read on in order to find out how long it might take to get paid after a car accident injury.

How To Find The Best Car Accident Lawyer In DC?

There are a few steps to follow to make sure you’re hiring the best car accident lawyer in DC…

  1. Know exactly what to look for in an attorney.
  2. Make sure the attorney lives and works locally and has knowledge of the local courts… some national law firms may not even have a local office. Instead, they’ll simply refer you to a random lawyer in your area.
  3. Check for awards and other major distinctions.
  4. Look for reviews posted by previous clients on Google,,, Avvo, etc… not just the number of reviews or the star rating, but also take the time to read the testimonial portion of the review to see what clients have to say about their attorney.
  5. Ensure the firm has enough time and resources to devote to your case. Some smaller firms simply might not have what it takes to successfully try your case. On the other hand, some of the larger firms will probably not be able to give you or your loved ones the attention you deserve.

Keep reading here about how to find the best car accident lawyers in DC.

More Questions? Just Call!

If you have suffered serious injuries in an accident because of the negligent actions of another person or entity, you should talk to one of the experienced injury lawyers at Zukerberg & Halperin. Serious car accident injuries can be devastating and can permanently impact your ability to enjoy life. Many people who are injured are unsure of what to do. You need to choose an attorney who is both capable and trustworthy. During your personal injury case, you will have to work with your lawyer for an extended period, making it important for you to choose someone you trust and like.

Have General Personal Injury Questions?

Have general questions that you don’t see answered here such as:

  • What are your attorney fees?
  • Who will be my attorney?
  • Why should I hire your legal team?
  • Who pays the case expenses?

We’d be happy to help over the phone, or you could check out our general Personal Injury FAQs page!

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