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Can I Dispute My Personal Injury Settlement Offer?

Accidents on the road or at work can be incredibly traumatizing. They can change so many aspects of your life besides health. There will be some financial strain because of hospital bills losing days’ worth of income to recover. But if you’re covered by the company or have car insurance, then surely they’ll cover the personal injury settlement, right?

Unfortunately, not all offers for accidents are fair. With some settlements amounting to six figures, it is surprising that similar or even severe cases are offered settlements that don’t even cover the hospital and medication expenses. 

Is it Possible to Dispute a Personal Injury Settlement Offer?

Yes, it always is. Your lawyer can try negotiating for a higher settlement from the company. If they get it near the expected amount you want, you can save yourself the trouble of court and take it. However, if they won’t give you a cent more, the case can be taken to court, where a judge may rule a higher and more suitable settlement on your behalf.

Other Common Questions on Personal Injury Settlements

Can You Get a Second Opinion if the Ruling is Fair?

Asking for a second opinion from friends or family is allowed, though they may not have the right knowledge to form an expert opinion. The best people for a second opinion are other lawyers. Unless you have a friend or family member that is a lawyer, you won’t be able to get their opinion while you’re still represented by another lawyer.

Should You Trust Your Lawyer’s Opinion?

It depends on what you think. If you’re already asking this question and doubting their opinion, it may be a sign that you don’t trust them entirely. 

In the industry, there are law firms or practitioners that are called “settlement mills,” which are basically lawyers that push you to take the settlement to avoid going to trial. Whether or not they believe the settlement is fair, they will still try to convince their clients that the settlement is the best that they’ll ever get.

Spotting the mill is usually based on intuition. To be sure, check your lawyer’s history to find out if they have a connection with the insurance company in any way. If they do, you need to get yourself a new lawyer.


If you aren’t happy with the offer given to you, don’t be intimidated by taking things to court. Personal injury settlements can cover all the expenses, such as hospital bills, and income lost. Any company that dares to offer you less than what you are owed deserves to be taken to court. Lawyers who don’t want to take it there aren’t worth your money, so it’s best to find better legal representation to support you and believe that you deserve it.

If you’re not happy about the outcome of your settlement, try the services of the best auto accident lawyers in DC. Zukerberg & Halperin are top-rated personal injury lawyers that have won multiple cases with millions in settlements. In addition, these law-savvy attorneys guarantee a satisfactory outcome, waiving all fees unless you win the case. Get a free consultation today!

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