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Maryland Car Accident Law: What You Need to Know

When an accident happens, it’s natural to ask yourself what you can do. Fortunately for those involved in a Maryland car accident, there are steps that can be taken. Injured parties have the option of pursuing settlement negotiations or filing suit with a court in

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Understanding Truck Diver Fatigue

It’s easy to think that driving a truck professionally is an easy job, but it’s a demanding career that puts plenty of responsibility on the person behind the wheel. It’s a job that requires an individual to be up to date on all the different

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Know Your Rights: Sexual Assault and Harassment in School

Unfortunately, many students experience some form of sexual assault or sexual harassment in school. In various ways, you can be assaulted or harassed by your teacher, professor, coach, school staff, another faculty member, or even a fellow student or coworker. For this reason, you must

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What You Should Do Next Following a Reckless Driving Mishap

Approximately a third of all road deaths in the United States may be attributed to speeding alone. When a car collides with anything, the more significant the impact, the quicker the vehicle is driving. Tailgating, often known as following too closely, is exceedingly hazardous, especially

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Injuries From Pedestrian Accidents in the Washington State

Pedestrian accidents can lead to minor to severe injuries because there’s generally no protection against the force and mass of a moving vehicle, regardless of its speed. If you were injured or involved in a pedestrian accident in Washington state due to a driver’s negligent

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Breaking Down the Charge of False Imprisonment in DC

False imprisonment is defined as the illegal confinement of an individual in the absence of consent. In this article, we will scrutinize Washington’s laws and regulations regarding false imprisonment and what a civil rights attorney needs to prove the charge. Breaking Down the Charge of

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