Zukerberg Fights 4 Adams Morgan Farmers’ Market

The historic Adams Morgan Farmers’ Market has been the heart of Adams Morgan since the 1970’s. Over time, the market evolved from its simple origins as an opportunity for local farmers to sell produce. Today, it is not only an organic farmers’ market for the neighborhood. What’s more, it is also a meeting point for the community, serving as a venue for many different public gatherings.

The Adams Morgans Farmers’ Market

However, the Adams Morgan Farmers’ Market is facing a very real threat.

Crestar Bank, the current Plaza owner, is in talks to sell the property to real estate developer PN Hoffman. Therefore, the new owner plan to add a 51-unit condo to the site, paving over the historic Plaza.

Residents who oppose the measure have turned to Zukerberg & Halperin, who agreed to represent them pro bono. “At Zukerberg & Halperin we’re always looking for ways to give back to the community,” said Zukerberg. Pro bono legal services is part of our commitment to justice for all.

Understanding Easements by Public Dedication

Residents of the neighborhood had been exercising their rights to use the SunTrust Plaza since the 1970’s. At that time, a proposal had been made to use the land to open a bank. The outcry was tremendous, and the bank opened under the terms that the public would have an easement on the public plaza portion of the parcel.

Attorney Paul Zukerberg, a 30+ year Adams Morgan resident, was contacted for legal counsel on the matter. He reports that all of the elements of a public easement have been met. An agreement that he been made in the 1970’s with the then-owner of the land and the community should protect the plaza from additions, displacement, or losing the plaza altogether. Zukerberg states
that an easement for the benefit of the public was created through public dedication.”

What Is The Project’s Current Status?

As of now, the case hangs in the balance. The Historic Preservation Review Board is the last vote needed to approve the PN Hoffman project. If approved, the community can take measures and bring the issue to court on the strength of the easement argument. Zukerberg & Halpering, PLLC have pledged the full support of the firm to save the historic Adams Morgan farmers’ market.

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