Another Fatal Greyhound Bus Crash

Washington, January 19, 2016 – California Highway Patrol is reporting a fatal Greyhound Bus crash on the San Jose Freeway, killing two passengers and injuring at least 18 others. One is a long series of Greyhound and other bus crashes in recent years.

Bus companies like Greyhound are known as “Common Carriers.” Under law, they owe their passengers a “duty of utmost care and diligence.” A breach of that duty entitles a passenger to damages. Damage would flow the the estate or next of kin where the negligence results in death.

Jonathan Halperin, of Zukerberg & Halperin, PLLC, won $4,200,000.00 verdict against Greyhound Lines in federal court on behalf of US servicemen who were injured in a rollover incident during a major snow storm. Admonishments from passengers
to slow down were not heeded by the driver, resulting in the loss.

Yesterday’s California crash involved rain-slickened roadways, which can be extra dangerous where the region has been in draught conditions. Oil and petroleum products can build up on the surface, then rise to the top at the first rain.

It’s not just the major players – Greyhound & Trailways.

Smaller regional carrier and private carrier have also report a recent rash of bus accidents. Many of the these smaller carriers lack sufficient insurance coverage, in the event of a multi-passenger injury case.