Top Washington DC Personal Injury Lawyers

Zukerberg and Halperin are top-rated personal injury lawyers. Therefore, you can trust your important case to them. What’s more, they have over 50 years of personal injury experience. Maybe you are wondering how you are going to pay your bills if you can’t work.  Perhaps your medical bills are piling up. No worries, because the experienced personal injury lawyers at Zukerberg & Halperin can help.

After a serious injury, you need the best lawyer you can find.  That’s why you should let the top-rated and experienced trial lawyers at Zukerberg & Halperin, PLLC fight for you. Therefore, you can trust your case to lawyers with a proven track record of success.

Furthermore, Jonathan and Paul are compassionate.  And most importantly, they work for you.  That’s because Paul and Jonathan have decades of experience in Virginia, the District of Columbia and Maryland courts. In conclusion, Jonathan and Paul will give you aggressive representation.

To sum up, Jonathan & Paul have a record of success both at trial and in settlement negotiations. In the end, you get a top-rated law firm for your serious personal injury case.

Car accidents

  • Industrial and chemical accidents
  • Sports injuries – including football, hockey, soccer, basketball,
    cheerleading, taekwondo, trampoline, and other school or team sports
  • Police brutality
  • Jail catastrophic injuries
  • Medical negligence
  • Birth injuries –  which probably include trauma, fractures, peripheral
    nerve, brachial plexus and finally spinal cord injury
  • Drug interactions & plus overdoses
  • Civil rights violations
  • Plus, Prisoner rights & injuries

Why Choose Us?

In conclusion, when you choose Zukerberg & Halperin as your lawyers, you get Jonathan and Paul, not some paralegal.  Finally, every injured client has direct access to a real attorney.  Therefore, your no-cost case evaluation is always with a real lawyer.

In conclusion, Paul and Jonathan will stay personally involved in every case we accept. As a result, they are with you through your trial or successful settlement. Therefore, you can put our experience to work for you and your family.

In Conclusion Get Started with our DC injury and civil rights attorneys today.