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3 Common Types of Bicycle Accidents_ Who Has Liability_

Many people trying to go green have begun riding bicycles to get to work. While some walk or take public transportation, biking is still one of the fastest and greenest ways to get to work. Unfortunately, there are some downsides to biking. One of the most significant risks of biking in cities is accidents involving cars. 

Whether you hit the vehicle or got hit by one, there is a possibility that you can present a case for compensation—especially if you were injured. But that boils down to whether you or someone else is at fault. To know that for sure, here are some of the common causes of bike accidents and who has liability in each situation:

1. Dooring

As the name implies, dooring happens when a cyclist gets hit by a door of the vehicle. It occurs when a passenger or a driver of the car opens up the door, obstructing the bicyclist’s path and causing the cyclist to hit the door.

In the case of dooring, the person in the car who opened the door is at fault. According to the law, it is stated that no one should ever open the door of a vehicle on the side that traffic occurs unless it is safe to do so. In other words, the people in the car should open the door facing the sidewalk or only when there is no traffic. If that is not possible, the driver must take precautions to ensure an accident is not caused by opening the door.

2. Right Cross

A right cross happens when a car pulls out into a street from a parking lot, driveway, or sideway then bumps or obstructs a cyclist, causing the cyclist to hit the car. Usually, a right cross is generally the driver’s fault if the individual failed to yield the right of way to traffic. 

However, there are some cases where it is the biker’s fault. If the driver already yielded, but, for some reason, the biker somehow managed to hit the car. Evidence for such cases is a must. For that reason, cyclists are recommended to wear cameras on their helmets as proof.

3. Right/Left Hooks

Right and left hooks occur when a car hits a cyclist as the driver turns right or left.

It can be tough to tell who is at fault in such cases. Generally, it is the driver’s fault. For right hooks, it is a given that drivers must be as close to the turn as possible to reduce the likelihood of a right hook. For a left hook, they must give the right of way to oncoming traffic before making the turn. Failing to do so increases the chances of the driver being liable for the accident.


A bicycle accident is never fun, especially if it involves a large vehicle. It can lead to severe injuries or worse—all of which you may be eligible to claim compensation for. That said, it is highly recommended that you work with expert personal injury attorneys on the matter. They will ensure that you have the highest chance of succeeding on the claim, earning you the damages you deserve.

Zukerberg & Halperin consists of top-rated personal injury attorneys in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, able to handle serious injuries and win cases for their clients. If you require accident lawyers to help you with your claim, get in touch with us today.

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